As many of our followers know I love to express myself through my necklaces, I made this special style called OLYMPIA. It’s my best friends name: she is fun and she is for life so I thought it was the perfect name for it. Pearls are elegant and fine and when you buy a pearl necklace is meant to be a jewel you will have for life

Hey, but wait a minute, sometimes pearls can be a bit boring and too seriours, don’t you think? So why not giving it a twist? I decided to customize them with something that really means fun and good mood: SMILEYS! Put a smiley in your life and you’ll  see it will improve significantly. That’s how Olympia was created and so my blogger friend Sirma Markova fell in love with it.

She is a fashion blogger originally from Bulgaria, Sirma has been in the fashion scene for a while collaborationg with several retail brands and magazines. Very sharp and pure style defines her personality. Hope you enjoy her shoot with Olympia necklace.

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