A new line is coming your way, and the inspiration that made this all happen were the hues and colors from the very well known city little Havana, Cuba.

Focusing mainly on the eye catching bright colors from the buildings and it’s Spanish architecture giving a latin flavor into the design of the upcoming line. It includes a variety of bracelets and one statement piece necklace that will be made out of a variety of tinted gems in different shades of pink, turquoise and royal blue with an antiqued sort of look metal as the base to hold the gems in place. These pieces are made made to compliment any simple basic outfit into a chic look during the day, or even a little black dress on a night out. All you need to do is put on some pumps and rock your statement pieces. This line definitely gives off a summer coachella feeling to the line and will have you wanting it in your possession once you see whats coming.


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