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Feel experiences, develop new encounters , build up your connections and create a personal story by performing a wanderer lifestyle. We are all human beings with similar genes but we have the capacity to to redefine ourselves and become what we what to be in our Lives.

Nomad Lifestyle is an Art piece by Maryjane ClaverolThe Leah  artist redefines the Nomadism concept in this majestuous creation. Composed by 4 matt white panels in 4 different colors: red,  yellow, deep blue and green.

Each panel exhibits 6 real scorpions in an harmonic color gradiation. These eclectic surreal critters are all hand customized by the artist with multiple materials: acrylic beads, swarovski crystals, flowers, feathers, vintage components, etc… each panel complement the other three and coexist under the aesthertic rules of  Univers Claverol.

Read The Artist Story

Why Scorpions? . – I personally feel disgusted by this animals, I define myself as scorpion phobic- The Artist says

– It was a personal challenge to work with them, even If I knew they are  taxidermy, I forced myself to get used to them, feel and coexist with them. This creation process has thought me that we are very conditioned by The Beauty Industry.

I have experimented  that by applying  contemporary  beauty patterns on any item can make us socially accepted in a matter of seconds –

by Maryjane Claverol

Materials: taxidermy real scorpions, acrylic bead, glass bead, feathers, Swarovski stone, antique components.

Size: each panel measures 32X10 ”


*Only studio pick up at the Leah Arts District

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