Pink and black stripe taxidermy zebra, Mrs Zebra.



Pink Zebra Mount . Unique

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Miami Wild Rosé” a discarded taxidermied zebra torso that Claverol found in an old warehouse and reclaimed with an application of pink hair dye. Proclaimed to be Claverol’s favorite work to date, Mrs. Rosé is now the centerpiece of Universe Maryjane Claverol, the artist’s forthcoming studio.

As seen in my other art pieces, I like to  bring a second life to To visit Mrs. Zebra, stay tuned for the grand opening of Universe Maryjane Claverol, coming soon. In the meantime, visit and follow her on Instagram at @superclaverol.

“By applying a palette that is very ‘in’ and materials that are well liked, you can achieve an animal that is very pleasing. It takes something that inspires rejection or fear and turns it on its head,” Claverol says of her work.

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